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With Google Sign In, you can log into Crunchbase with your Google login credentials. Get easy access to Crunchbase and keep the same password as your Google account. 


Here’s how you can set up Google Sign In: 

  • New Crunchbase customers: On the Crunchbase login page, register a new account using Google social authentication. Verify your Google login information and you’re ready to access Crunchbase. 


  • Existing Crunchbase customers: Enable Google Sign In via Account Settings > Social Authentication and toggling the Google button ‘on’ to complete the verification process. You can disable Google Sign In via Account Settings at any time.


You will also get automatic contributor access to Crunchbase by using Google Sign In, so you can easily create or edit person profile details and company details. Learn more about how to contribute data to Crunchbase and check out recommended guidelines here. See are all the ways that you can socially authenticate your account with Crunchbase.


If you are having trouble accessing your account with Google Sign In, we recommend that you follow Google’s steps to change your password. If you have any additional questions, please contact us.

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