What is the Difference between a Free Crunchbase Account, and Crunchbase Paid Subscriptions?

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Crunchbase offers multiple products to help individuals and teams with prospecting & market research. To help you choose the option that will best suit your individual or company needs, you can compare each Crunchbase product here.

Crunchbase Free: This offering is for individuals who want to quickly learn about a company with rich firmographics at no cost. Create an account here.

Crunchbase Starter: This paid offering is for individual users who want to stay in-the-know about companies with best-in-class data and actionable insights. It includes all the benefits of the Basic account, plus robust search & analytic tools. Try Crunchbase Starter for free here.

Crunchbase Pro: This paid offering is for individual users and small teams who want to find & close deals through automated prospecting, personalized insights & key integrations fueled by sales intelligence. It includes all the benefits of the Starter account, plus team administrative features, productivity tools and data exports. Try Crunchbase Pro for free here.

Here’s a full breakdown on the functionality between Crunchbase Enterprise, Pro, Starter and Free: 

Feature Free Starter Pro Enterprise
Basic Company Data Limited
Company Financial Data Limited
Create or Edit Profiles
Company Activity Alerts Only for 'My First List' 
Full Search Results Limited. Up to 5 results per search Up to 1,000 results per search Up to 1,000 results per search Up to 1,000 results per search
Import List  
Insights on Curated Lists  
Priority Support & Chat  
Salesforce integration    
Data Exports     Up to 5K rows/ month
Team Admin Features    
Productivity Features    
Dedicated Support      

Crunchbase Enterprise: This paid offering is for large teams who want automated prospecting fueled by sales intelligence to find and close deals. Learn more about Crunchbase Enterprise here.

Data Enrichment: This paid offering is for product teams looking to increase customer engagement & retention by enriching their product with Crunchbase data. Learn more about Data Enrichment here.

Data Licensing: This is the Crunchbase app store that allows you to add more data from our various partners to amplify your Crunchbase Pro experience. Learn more about Data Licensing here.


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