What is the Difference between a Free Crunchbase Account and Crunchbase Paid Subscriptions?

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Crunchbase offers multiple products to help individuals and teams with prospecting & market research. To help you choose the option that will best suit your individual or company needs, you can compare each Crunchbase product here.

Crunchbase Free: This offering is for individuals who want to quickly learn about a company with rich firmographics at no cost. Create an account here.

Crunchbase Pro: This paid offering is for individual users and small teams who want to find & close deals through automated prospecting, personalized insights & key integrations fueled by sales intelligence. Try Crunchbase Pro for free here.

Crunchbase Enterprise: This paid offering is for large teams who want automated prospecting fueled by sales intelligence to find and close deals. Learn more about Crunchbase Enterprise here.

Data Enrichment: This paid offering is for product teams looking to increase customer engagement & retention by enriching their product with Crunchbase data. Learn more about Data Enrichment here.

Data Licensing: This is the Crunchbase app store that allows you to add more data from our various partners to amplify your Crunchbase Pro experience. Learn more about Data Licensing here.

Here’s a full breakdown on the functionality between Free, Crunchbase Pro, and Crunchbase Enterprise:


Feature Free Pro Enterprise
Basic Company Data Limited
Company Financial Data Limited
Create or Edit Profiles
Company Activity Alerts Only for 'My First List' 
Full Search Results Limited. Up to 5 results per search Up to 1,000 results per search Up to 1,000 results per search
Import List  
Insights on Curated Lists  
Priority Support & Chat  
Salesforce integration  
Data Exports   Up to 5K rows/ month
Team Admin Features  
Productivity Features  
Dedicated Support    


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