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Owner is the initial purchaser of the subscription and the only member on the team who can view invoices as a self-serve Pro subscriber. Enterprise team owners must contact their designated CSM for additional information. There is only one team owner, and ownership can be transferred - just contact our support team at for help with this. 

**Note, team owners are automatically given a team admin role as well ('Owner, Admin').

Admin is the person who manages purchased seats, team roles and permissions. You can have multiple admins as part of one team, which is recommended for larger teams.

Member is a standard user who doesn’t have owner/admin permissions but is part of the team and subscription. 

This chart outlines the actions that each role type can perform:

Action Owner  Owner, Admin Admin Member
Create/Edit Team name x x x  
Request Team ownership transfer** x x    
Request to delete Team** x x x  
Assign Pro seat x x    
Unassign Pro seat x x    
Add seats x x    
Modify role  x x x  
Can leave Team     x x
Remove users from Team   x x  
Invite users   x x  
Resend invitation   x x  

This chart outlines what each role type has visibility to on the team page:

  Role Type
Visibility to Owner Owner, Admin Admin Member
‘Setup' page x x x  
Name & Role of other Team Members x x x x
Email addresses of Team Members   x x  
Subscription Management page x x    
Seats assignments x x    
Number of Pro seats available to be assigned x x    
Pending member(s)   x x  



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