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Teams is a feature available to Crunchbase Pro and Enterprise users that helps team members collaborate with their colleagues, streamline operations and share knowledge together within the Crunchbase platform. 

Team owners and administrators can drive team wins with operational efficiencies like team and seat management, single sign-on, shared CRM connection and group invoicing.

  • Team management: Team owners can create a team, invite other users, purchase additional seats, and allocate different roles & permissions to different team members.
  • Single sign-on: Simplify access and make it easy for your team to log in with single sign-on providers like Okta
  • Shared CRM connection: Make one connection to Salesforce or Hubspot, which reduces the risk of hitting your shared data limits.
  • Group invoicing: Access your team’s subscription and payment information in one place.

Members of the team can use productivity tools like shared notes and tags to collaborate with your colleagues. Prioritize prospects by adding shared notes or tags to target profiles and search to keep track of accounts. 

  • Shared notes: Write notes on company profiles, share with team members and search by keywords found in shared notes.
  • Shared tags: Tag companies based on category in company profiles, and easily search or exclude for specific shared tags in search.

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