Accessing the Crunchbase API

I received my user key to access the free Basic Crunchbase API, I am following the example outlined at this link . As demonstrated in the example, I replace INSERT_KEY_HERE with my user key, paste the  the following URL,raised_funding_rounds&field_ids=categories,short_description,rank_org_company,founded_on,website,facebook,created_at&user_key=INSERT_KEY_HERE into my browser but still get an error. The error I get is shown below:

I get the same error when I am using SwaggerHub to test out the CrunchBase API. Please help me resolve this issue.





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    Hi Muhammad Hamdan Sulaiman! A Basic Access user key allows one to access the Open Data Map. See for more information and documentation on this data export. To access additional fields or endpoints, an additional license is required. Please let us know your use case in detail and we can figure out the best Crunchbase data solution for you. For further information please email our team


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