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Cameron Turner

Hi- feature suggestion.  In the portfolio summary could we please add a bar/pie chart for co-founders' gender identification? Race and country of origin would also be amazing.  We (Oxford Angel Fund) spent a good part of our LP outreach call on diversity and reporting in particular.  We would love for Crunchbase to do this vs. our creating it ourselves.  Happy to help with design/user testing, etc.


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    Hi Cameron Turner, thank you for the suggestion! We do support a "Diversity Investments" section for Investor profiles where we have a chart of diversity investments they've invested in. An example for this can be found here https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/springtime-ventures/recent_investments

    Is this in line with what you were looking for?

    While we are starting with US-based race/ethnicity data, we believe we can expand applications of Diversity Spotlight to support additional diverse groups and global regions. We recognize that our initial list has not captured all underrepresented groups, but rest assured, diversity spotlight tags will continue to evolve as this feature is still in beta. That said, your interest & sentiment will be shared with our product team for consideration.


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