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Rodney Noriega

I am trying to search for companies that are using Employer of Record (EOR) vendors. For example, I want to leverage G2 stack to see if a company is using

Is there a more efficient way to search for this so that I can get an entire list? (instead of manually clicking through each company to see what they use)?


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    Hi Rodney Noriega!

    With a Databoost subscription, you can use the G2 stack filter to discover and compare companies based on the vendors and services they are currently using internally. 

    1. Select Companies from the Advanced Search dropdown in the top navigation
    2. From the filters section, scroll down to Partner Filters
    3. Locate the filter Tech in Company (G2 Stack) and enter the vendors or services
    4. Watch your results update in real-time

    This help article can help provide further insight on how to search for data as well as add more filters to your search. 

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