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Antigone Skoulas

Hi, I have changed the name and email address of my company. I want to update the listing but I can't log into my past email from 5 years ago. How do I update the listing to the correct name?


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    Hi Antigone Skoulas! We recommend creating a new Crunchbase user account in order to edit the profile. 

    With Crunchbase, any registered user can add or edit any profile page - profiles are not explicitly linked to any user. We recommend that you register for your own user account here: https://www.crunchbase.com/register

    Once you've authenticated your account with your social media, you can visit your existing profile by finding it in the top search.

    To edit the page, click the three-dot icon and select "Edit" at the top right of the profile.

    For more information on how to update specific sections of a profile, check out the link below to our Knowledge Center:


    Note, in order to preserve our data quality and the objective nature of our platform’s data, certain profile fields are unable to be removed by anyone other than Crunchbase staff. For more information on what fields users can update, click here!

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