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Thomas Merrill

We're new to Crunchbase Pro, and we're hoping to use it as part of our business development workflow… One crucial piece of data that we're looking for is the End/Start date for a given company's fiscal year. Is their EOY Dec 31? Jun 31? Something weird?

We suspect that this data is available via Crunchbase, but haven't found it yet.




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    Hi Thomas Merrill! At the time we do not have the data for a start/end date for a company's fiscal year. I moved over your request to our Product Feedback section so our Product team can be notified. 

    We offer estimated revenue data is based on multiple sources of information. These include processes and partnerships which provide us access to data collected via surveys, alliances with marketing agencies and research companies, information available on public web such as news articles, company websites.

    You can filter by estimated revenue in our company search under "Financials" or add it as a column to your results (this tutorial will show you how)

    If there's anything else you'd like help with pertaining to your searches, please let us know!

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    Thomas Merrill

    Thank you, Erika.

    A shame! Would be a great value for us.


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