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NEW - With Crunchbase’s stages, you’ll be able to track your relationships with companies, prioritize them using the combined power of your unique context alongside live Crunchbase data, and plan next steps without having to switch between tools. *Please note that the stages feature is currently in beta testing, and exclusively available to a select group of Pro customers. If you are a Pro customer and would like to be added to our testing group, please contact

New Features

  • Stages Tracker Board: Monitor companies in your pipeline in a kanban board format. Easily move companies across stages to track status updates and relationships. 

  • Customizable Stages: Assign stages to companies and personalize to fit your needs on profiles, search and lists. 

  • Tasks: Track follow-up  tasks, assign them to team members, and add notes to reference when you’re ready to take action.

Upcoming Features

  • Intelligent Actions: Make the right move with AI-driven insights and predictions  that get smarter as you use Crunchbase

Accessing Stages

You can access stages in multiple locations on Crunchbase - the stages board, advanced search, query builder, lists, and directly on company profiles. We’ll walk you through each one below.


Stages Tracker Board

Access the stages board by clicking Stages from the Lists dropdown in the top menu.


Scan all of the companies in your pipeline with the stages board, and move across stages to track status updates or changes in relationships. 


Advanced Search

Navigate to advanced search. Build out your search, then use the dropdown button in the Stages column to edit the status. You can add notes or tasks in the side panel to add more unique context. 


Query Builder

Navigate to query builder from the Advanced dropdown in your top navigation menu. 

Use filters to build out your search, and notice the stage column right next to the organization name. To edit details , simply click on the result to open up the side panel.

In Lists

Navigate to your lists by clicking the Lists dropdown from the top navigation bar.

Find the stage for each company in your list directly next to the company name, then open the side panel to add or edit any details.


Company Profiles 

You’ll find the stage dropdown button in the top left corner of any company profile, right next to the name.


Use the dropdown to update the stage, then update side panel to further edit the deal. 


Customize Stages 

As Team Owner, you can click Customize Stages to add or rename stages to fit your unique needs - whether it’s evaluating a partnership or tracking relationships. . You can customize stages via the stages dropdown on company profiles, search, or lists.

Color code your stages to distinguish one from another, then drag and drop the stages using the icon on the right to rearrange their order.

As we are in the beta testing phase of stages and deals, we are open to customer feedback for future iterations. If you have any questions, requests, or ideas on how we can improve upon this feature, please reach out to

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