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NEW! Our AI-powered growth outlook on company profiles references revenue, company size, market share, and customer base data to answer the question: “is this company showing signs of growth?”. With this data, you can target companies that are growing and steer clear of those that are not. 

Applicable* company profiles will display “growing”, “stable”, or “not growing” labels along with associated key signals on the main Summary tab. *Our goal is to be able to provide insights for all company profiles on Crunchbase, and this largely depends on the availability of data. If you are not seeing this information for a specific company, it means we do not have enough validated data to generate an insight at this time.

Growing: We are confident that the company is likely to be growing 

Stable: There are no clear signs that the company is growing 

Not growing: The company is unlikely to be growing at this time 


Don’t agree with the information in the growth outlook on a particular company profile? Use the thumbs up and thumbs down icons to provide immediate positive or negative feedback to our product team.

Positive Feedback (thumbs up): Affirm the insight's relevance, accuracy, and overall utility.

Negative Feedback (thumbs down): Specify the issue by selecting from five categories:

Irrelevant: The insight is unrelated to the topic of growth.

Inaccurate: The information provided is incorrect.

Outdated: The content is no longer up-to-date.

Biased: The insight seems promotional or lacks neutrality.

Other: For feedback that doesn't fit the above categories.

Have any questions, or suggestions on additional growth insights you’d like to see? Please email prosuppor@crunchbase.com and we’ll be happy to assist and/or pass your feedback along to our product team.

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