How to Join a New Team

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Crunchbase Pro users can switch over from one team to another in a few easy steps!

Before you begin the following instructions, please make sure you are logged into your Crunchbase user account, and review the following checklist:

Here's how switching teams works:

  1. Your team owner will send an invite to you via email to join the team - it'll look like this:


  1. Select Accept Invite
  2. Review the terms, and check all three boxes to indicate your agreement:Screen_Recording_2023-01-11_at_1.07.15_PM__1_.gif
  3. Click Yes, Switch To New Team and you should be all set! 

If your team owner has already purchased a new seat for you on the new team, you can contact to confirm if you are eligible for a prorated refund of your individual subscription. Please provide your team owner's email so we can confirm the purchase.

*Note: We recommend checking out the following articles first, for more information on data retention during the team switch process: 

Does My Data Transfer Over When I Join a New Team?

How Do I Save My Team Data When Joining a New Team?

Have any questions or need help? Feel free to reach out to for assistance.

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