Product feedback: change the "support" chatbot

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Hunter Ashmore

Hi Crunchbase team,

Some feedback: the chatbot is extremely frustrating if the problem I am having does not have an existing solution. I could have searched the support page myself; I did not need a bot to do this for me. The topic I need help with does not have an existing solution, yet the chatbot keeps responding with irrelevant results. Despite not ever providing a solution, it never gives the option to connect with support or open a support ticket.

This "feature" is not doing you any favors in its current form. A very easy way to fix this would be to offer an option to contact support or open a help ticket when a user is unable to find a solution.




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    Shashank Khanna

    +1 - How do I file a support ticket lol

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    Alicia Hartle

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    MD Belal Hossain

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