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Diogo Lisita


I am trying to add my company's address in the organization page, but my city isn't listed - it is Brasília, Federal District, the capital of Brazil.

Other companies from my region are using the wrong city (e.g. Brasilândia), I believe because they coudnt't find the right one.

How can I fix this?

Thanks in advance, Diogo



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    Hi Diogo Lisita! We went ahead and notified our data management team to review the companies associated with this location. Additionally, a request has been submitted to update the location information.

    That said, I do not have an eta to provide on when the updates will be made. Should an update be made, the companies will automatically be updated accordingly.

    For now, we recommend adding the location in the long description.

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    Warrick Butler

    Hello, I have had a similar issue with my company address. The city Location is 'Shanes Park NSW' however your system was not able to recognize this location.


    Could you please update the system to make it available, thanks

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    Hi Warrick Butler, your request has been recorded. We recommend adding your city in the long description for the time being. 


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