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Omid Izadjou

There are so many awesome filters to build a query with on Crunchbase. That said, I can't seem to figure out how to filter by business models or how a company generates revenue. The closest I've gotten is filtering by industries and parsing through the companies manually.

In my case, I am looking for companies that charge users/companies a fixed-amount on a monthly or quarterly cadence. This is most common in SaaS, B2B, and B2C, but nonetheless it is used in many types of industries (i.e. non-traditional ones as well such as gyms, property mgmt, etc.)

Would other Crunchbase users find this filter helpful?
Is anyone currently filtering lists by business models / revenue model?

Look forward to hearing from the community! 


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    Hi Omid Izadjou! At this time, we only offer estimated revenue data based on multiple sources of information. These include processes and partnerships which provide us access to data collected via surveys, alliances with marketing agencies and research companies, information available on public web such as news articles, company websites

    Pro users can filter by estimated revenue in our company search under "Financials" or add it as a column to your results (this tutorial will show you how) and view this data on profiles under the Summary tab in the Details section.

    I will share your feedback with our Product team to review for future updates. 

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