Profile creation with gmail issue

Post author
Roman Karanchuk

Steps to reproduce
1. Log in with Google
2. select 
3. pop-up is shown: "Login error: It looks like we don't have a Crunchbase account associated to the social network you're trying to log in with. Would you like to create one now?"
4. create new crunchbase account
5. pop-up is shown: "oops. there was a problem: There was an unexpected issue while trying to process your request. Please refresh the page and try again. If the problem persists, please contact support."

ER: profile account is created
AR: profile account is not created

constantly reproduced with email:
tried another email for example: - works fine

HTTP Response:
[{"status":422,"code":"US105","message":"has already been taken","field":"email"}]

UPD: Fixed by reset the password.



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