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Felix Balda

Dear Crunchbase Community, 

I am relatively new in the Crunchbase cosmos and have the following request: 

I work for a headhunting company and use the tool to create so-called target company lists. Currently I am looking for companies that are headquartered in Germany or Europe and at the same time successful in the USA. The first condition is of course easy to map, but I have not yet been able to find a filter option for whether, for example, other branches are represented in the USA. Does anyone have any ideas? I am looking forward to your support! 

Kind regards 



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    Hi Felix Balda! At this time, we allow users the option to add one headquarter location for a company.

    The data we had on Company Locations was not as strong as we prefer, so we've focused on Company Headquarters (City, State and Country) to start. We're hard at work on new ways to find and present this important information. Stay tuned!

    For now, we'll be sure to share your interest & feedback with our product team to consider for the future! 

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    Lucy Paulson

    I struggle without this feature too.


    I need to be able to search for companies that have offices in multiple locations, irrespective of where they are headquartered.


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