Any way to export large list of companies?

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Derry Chen

I have a search list of around 6000 companies. I understand that exports to CSV are typically limited to 1000 entries at a time. Is there a nifty trick to export more entries without having to add random filters to scope the list down?


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    Hi Derry Chen!

    With a Crunchbase Pro subscription you are able to view and export up to 1,000 entity results per search and up to 5,000 rows per month. While you may generate a search that has over 1,000 entity results, you are only able to see up to 1,000 entity results in the Pro application. This is a data limitation that has been implemented for Pro as there are other Crunchbase products in the Crunchbase suite that allow access to the entire Crunchbase dataset.

    Adding more filters may help narrow down the search - if you could provide what you're looking for, we can be able to help!

    If you are interested in learning more about products that allow add-on access to the entire Crunchbase dataset through our API, talk our sales team


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