Refund for Crunchbase Pro - anyone listening?

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Manish -

I have raised a request for refund after I was charged. This is within the 7 days grace period - they responded me with a ticket id: 497167 but nothing post that. I have been following up constantly but no response. 

I see that several people have faced similar challenges in past - did anyone get the resolution?





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    Hi Manish -! Apologies for the delayed response, our team is short staffed at the moment. I see that we were able to assist you with the issue. 

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    Elsa Laglbauer

    Hello Erika and billing team,

    I raised a request for a refund on Nov 2nd as per Crunchbase’s 7-day cancellation policy but haven’t heard back from anyone. I’ve sent 3 emails already. Could you please assist? I want to make sure my query has been received and know it will be dealt with promptly as I was charged more than $800 on my personal account.


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    Jonathan Dewey

    Elsa et al - It seems poor Erica is left to shoulder all the refunds. What an utter c*ckup on Crunchbase's part for having such an appalling help/refund system....

    Can it really be that ONE PERSON is left to deal with all these requests and requests that seem to not be dealt with in a timely fashion...?

    Come' on Crunchbase and sort this out!!!!!!!!!!!


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