Brazilian capital does not exist as a location

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Andreas Saurwein

The brazilian capital "Brasilia" does not exist as a location to select. The "Brasilia" that exists, is located in another state of Brazil, not in "Distrito Federal". Some of the companies obviously located in the Federa District have the same wrong location tag. 



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    Hi Andreas Saurwein

    We went ahead and notified our data management team to review the companies associated with this location. Additionally, a request has been submitted to update the location information.

    That said, I do not have an eta to provide on when the updates will be made. Should an update be made, the companies will automatically be updated accordingly.

    For now, we recommend adding the location in the long description.

    Please feel free to reach out if you have any additional questions - we'll be happy to help!


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    Juliano Motta

    Brasilia, DF, Brazil, still does not exist as a location.


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