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Natlaie Figueroa

Hello! It looks like a couple of items are displaying incorrectly on our company profile, and cannot be edited from our admin access.


Another company by a similar name (PeerLogic Inc) was acquired in the late 90's by Critical Path. However, our profile is showing that our company was acquired by mistake. I'm guessing the data merged our company (Peerlogic Technologies) with the former (PeerLogic Inc) and need some assistance in getting the profile updated. Can anyone help?

Additionally, there's an employee showing up from PeerLogic Inc - how do we remove?

We own the domain for https://www.peerlogic.com/

Thank you!



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    Hi Natlaie Figueroa! Our team is looking into this and will help assist in the edits. I will also turn this post into a support ticket so we can follow up and discuss the employee mentioned above for removal. 

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    Natlaie Figueroa

    Hello, how do I edit the company associated with my profile? 



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