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Hi everyone! I recently had a user ask me if we had a pitch deck template we could share. And we do! 

In this article about Crunchbase's most recent funding, we talk about the 3 lessons we learned through the process. We also share a version of our pitch deck as well as provide other successful examples to help. 

View the article: https://about.crunchbase.com/blog/lessons-crunchbase-series-c-pitch-deck/

Please share other pitch deck examples you've learned from or share the lessons you've learned along the way with the community!




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    We also published this article on the blog about pitch decks that you can read here.

    You'll learn from 31 pitch deck examples - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. 


    Let us know if this helped you and what else you'd like to know about pitch decks. 


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