Tracking your competitors on Crunchbase

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Did you know you can track your competitors on Crunchbase? Here’s how to create a data-driven analysis of your competition:

  1. Start a company search and add filters like Industries, HQ location, or Total Funding to see the companies in your competitive landscape.

  2. Save your search and give it a name, like West Coast Competitors.

  3. Customize your alerts and get updates on these companies in real-time. Don’t forget to select the New Additions alert to find out when up-and-coming competitors get added to this list.

  4. Export your search results as a CSV so you can share this competitors list with your team.

Try it out by customizing this search template using the Industries and Location filters: Next, we’ll cover exactly what you should be tracking to beat your competition. 

Here is an example search we made:

You can add more filters based on the specific company you would like to find competitors for. 

For additional questions or if you have tips on searching for competitors, comment down below and let the community know!




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