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Here are some helpful tips from our Crunchbase blog: Crunchbase User Tips

Note: These are just some recommendations for inspiration. We encourage you to add your own flair, as well.

Reminder to read: How to write and submit a tip for the community

Here are examples of tips and tricks you can share. 

Discover up and coming companies in your industry

  • For example, seed stage companies tackling issues within the Fintech industry. 
  • Where do you start? What search queries help you find quieter companies? What category do you search? 
  • What do you do next, once you find the company? 


Using Hubs

  • What is your favorite hub?
  • What’s a hub you wish you had access to?
  • What do you use hubs for? Research, inspiration, or just to stay up to date? 


Using Crunchbase Pro

  • When you export your search, what do you use it for next? 
  • What do you frequently search for? 
  • What trends do you keep looking for? 



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    Nimrod Priell

    Hi Erika,


    The links in your post are broken for me. Can you double-check perhaps?



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    Hi Nimrod Priell thanks for flagging this! I've fixed the links. You're welcome to post about ideas like this ones mentioned above.


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