Please remove a founder from our company profile Answered

Hi all!

One of the founders has left the company. We would like to remove them from the company profile.

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    Hi Taliesin Oppenheimer!

    I understand that you would like to remove a profile on Crunchbase. However, at Crunchbase we try not to remove founders from profiles because of the important role that a founder plays in an organization’s history. As this data indicates individuals who were involved with the founding of the company rather than indicating that they are currently employed at this company, we prefer to keep this information on the company page.

    To add, profiles on Crunchbase are interlinked. By removing a person's name from this company profile, the company's name will be removed from this person's profile, as well. Having said this, we can mark a person's connection to the company as "Past," which will display on their person profile but not on the company profile. (You should still expect to see the name listed in the Edit screen).

    For more information on marking Current Team members as Past, check out the link.


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