How do i link my crunchbase data like funding amount with my linkedin business page? Answered

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Hi everyone,

If you visit a startup's LinkedIn business page, you often see funding details like "$8M via Crunchbase" prominently displayed. We've recently been funded and have updated all our information on our verified Crunchbase profile. Additionally, our LinkedIn account is connected to our Crunchbase profile in the account settings.

Despite this, I'm unable to add the Crunchbase funding information and link it to our company’s LinkedIn page. I've been trying to resolve this but haven't had any luck.

Can someone help me figure this out?



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    Hi HELP ZYLCH! It looks like your Linkedin url on the company profile needed to be updated. I've updated this to the correct link. Please wait while Linkedin refreshes the data. If the data is not refreshed by the end of the month and you do not see the funding listed on the profile, please write into

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