Cannot edit my company profile, while others are adding incorrect and spam information to my company profile. Answered

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Jerry Klamm

Hello, a while back I created my company on Crunchbase. I have linked my company email, verified my social accounts, and done everything. But now, when I go to edit my company, I am faced with the "To start contributing, link your social network profile to your Crunchbase account. Our team will then review your account and enable it for contribution (this may take up to one business day)" error. I have already completed this step. On top of this, somehow, another person edited the company information. They changed the link of the official site to an unofficial and malicious link, which is misleading users and hurting my brand. I cannot believe that anyone else but myself can edit my own company information. Can someone please help me resolve this issue?


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    Hi Jerry Klamm - A member of our support team will reach out to assist with your editing issues. 

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