I need to delete duplicate employee profile

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BANA Angels

hey Erika and others. Could you please remove all Sona's from our profile, please?



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    Hi BANA Angels - the profile has been edited. 

    Looking at the profile, we noticed the person profile was originally created under the name Manana was overwritten with information on Sona. We went ahead and reverted the original information back to display as Manana. Please reach out to our team with details if a removal is needed rather than editing it. 

    Keep in mind, the person profile is what is linked to a company profile. If it’s a former job, we prefer to preserve the historical data by keeping the job, but marking it as past. (You can expect to see the information in the edit screen of the company but it will only display on the individual’s person profile).

    To make this edit, click the pencil icon in line with the person you want to update. After, click the checkbox ‘End Date and fill the information related accordingly. The person will then be automatically removed from the current team and appear in the past team. For more information on marking a job as Past, check out the link below:


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