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Luis Matos

I see that this is a recurring subject, but the only solution is by Crunchbase staff to handle it. How do I remove a profile (inadvertedy I created 2 profiles for my since the Linkedin one doesn't appear on the search bar) and avoid it being listed several times in the company staff list and in wrong positions. It just does't allow any editing or removing!




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    Hi Luis Matos - if you need a duplicate profile removed, please provide the url link. 

    Additionally based on your request, I wanted to offer the following information: 

    On Crunchbase, registered user accounts and person profile pages are completely separate.  Your user account is the private information that you can use to control your billing, login information, and alerts. A profile page is what displays externally on Crunchbase - these are completely separate. Because Crunchbase is a crowdsourced platform, any registered user can add or edit any profile page - profiles are not explicitly linked to any user.

    User Accounts:

    • You access your user account when you log in or register.

    • User accounts do not appear in search.

    • User accounts can be edited by clicking 'Account' at the upper right of any page.


    Create a profile here: https://www.crunchbase.com/add-new

    • Person profiles can be found in search and linked to company profiles.

    • Anyone with a user account can add or edit any profile.

    • You can edit your profile anytime by clicking the three-dot icon, and selecting 'Edit' at the upper right corner of the profile.

    To learn more about the difference between user accounts and profiles, check out the link below:


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