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Ashlyn Webber

Hi there,

Please may you delete the duplicate founder that was added on our page below https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/sissoo


But then I also wanted to find out how to add contacts as I have tried searching a contact person for our company but the search doesn't yield any results or relevent people. Is there a way to add this as the empty field doesn't look very good.


Thanks so much


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    Hi Ashlyn Webber!

    1. The duplicate founder has been removed - I merged the two profiles together since they were 2 profiles for the same person. 

    2. Our contact data comes from third party data providers so the section is not editable by users. Crunchbase contact data is refreshed monthly - That said, I do not have an eta to provide on when the updates will be made. When the update is made, the contacts section will automatically be updated accordingly. 

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