Need help with Personalization Engine integration Answered

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  • User Account Type: Crunchbase Pro user
  • Goal: I am trying to integrate a Personalization Engine into my Crunchbase Pro account to enhance user experience.
  • What I've Tried: I've explored the Crunchbase Knowledge Center, but I couldn't find specific information on integrating a Personalization Engine.
  • Screenshots/Details: Unfortunately, I don't have any screenshots at the moment, but I'm open to providing additional details if needed.

Before Posting: I searched for similar questions in the Crunchbase Community to avoid duplicates.

Topic: I believe this falls under the "Integration and API" topic in the Crunchbase Community.

What to Expect: I understand that responses may vary in time, but I hope to receive guidance on Personalization Engine integration within a few hours.

Giving Back: I am also willing to contribute to the community by sharing my experience once I successfully integrate the Personalization Engine.


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    Hi astolficornellap! We currently only offer integrations for Salesforce and Hubspot at this time. I'll let our Product team know about your request to consider in the future.  

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