Cant sign into Regular account, New account link to social authentification. Merge? Answered

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Alexander Girau

Hi there,


I have a Cruchbase profile connected to my old company I Founded, Advano --

I have started a new company. I would like to link my original profile to this company --

However, I created a new profile and linked it to my social authentications and email - alex@girau. So now, when I sign in using Google SSO, it does not sign into my regular account but into my new profile, which I cannot access.

Ultimately, I would like to have one Crunchbase profile, have all my social accounts connected and used as SSO, have my profile linked to both companies I started, begin updating information, and update the new company information for Group1. I am no longer employed at Advano, so I do not need to update that.

Any help is appreciated.




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