Sync Crunchbase to Zoho CRM Answered

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Matt Antos-Lewis

I'm looking to sync Crunchbase Pro to Zoho CRM. Noting that the provided options within Crunchbase are only SFDC and Hubspot, what is the recommended way to achieve this? Zapier doesn't seem to have an off-the-shelf Crunchbase-Zoho CRM connector either.



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    Hi Matt Antos-Lewis! Unfortunately as you've stated, we only have integrations with Salesforce and Hubspot at this time. But we will note your request to our Product team to consider for future updates. 

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    Matt Antos-Lewis

    Hi Erika, I was more after any suggestions for alternative ways to connect Crunchbase to other CRMs using an API, and hopefully an off-the-shelf connector such as Make, Zapier, or Zoho Flow.


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