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Marlies Bloxham

We signed up with an accelerator (NewChip) who shortly after declared bankruptcy.  Part of the sign up is a warrant that would allowed them invest $250K and you could execute prior to meeting potential investors. The bankruptcy process has been frustrating as all guarantees are no longer valid but the bankruptcy trustee is now trying to sell the warrants.  We are currently working with lawyers and the trustee to try and void the warrant..

My issue is that for our company the "warrant" is showing as a $250K investment in our company and that is blatantly incorrect.   How do we get this removed?



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    Hi Marlies Bloxham! Could you provide your company's Crunchbase profile url so I can make the edit for you?

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    Daniella Alpher

    Erica, how can I get help about a similar problem? I don't see a way to open a ticket.

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    Hi Daniella Alpher - I've created a ticket so our support team can further assist you. 


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