Someone else has created my profile, I need to claim it Answered

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Yokesh Sankar

Profile URL -

Need access to my account mail id -

Looks like someone else has created a profile with my identity and I am not able to edit few fields in it.



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    Hi Yokesh Sankar! To clarify, on Crunchbase, registered user accounts and person profile pages are completely separate.

    Your user account is the private information that you can use to control your billing, login information, and alerts. A profile page is what displays externally on Crunchbase - these are completely separate. Because Crunchbase is a crowdsourced platform, any registered user can add or edit any profile page - profiles are not explicitly linked to any user.

    Note, in order to preserve our data quality and the objective nature of our platform’s data, certain profile fields are unable to be removed by anyone other than Crunchbase staff. For more information on what fields users can update, click here!


    If there is specific information you would like removed, please let me know and I'll connect you with a member of our support team to make the removals on your behalf. 

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