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Borja Gomez

Business problem: filter investors from a personal list loaded with saved investors

Technical problem: data mining only specific entries in the Crunchbase database

Technical solution: add a field where the end-use can choose the data source

1) All Crunchbase database

2) A personal list



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    Hi Borja Gomez! Could you clarify your issue so we can better assist? 

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    Borja Gomez
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    Hello Erika,

    Let me exemplify it with a real case.

    Crunchbase lets me search all investors based in Spain. See below snapshot from "Query Builder"

    However, I cannot run a "query builder" on a customized list of investors I have already saved.

    Imagine I have a list of 500 investors worldwide.
    Investors I already know.
    I want to filter those of them based in Spain. 
    I can't run this query right now in the current interface.




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    Hi Borja Gomez - Here's how to use our Query Builder on your custom list. 

    1. Import the list of investors you'd like to look up on Crunchbase, this will match if we have profiles on the investors. The guide to this is here

    2. Once this list in imported, you will add the following filters to your search (see image): 

    • Organization/Person > In List
    • Location > Includes Any


    You can see that I used my list of investors that I imported and filtered through using country.

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    Borja Gomez

    Thanks a ton Erika


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