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Hi, I'm trying to search for "UK founders with acquired businesses".

What is the difference between:

"Primary Jobs"

"Current Jobs > Job Info > Title > Job" 

"Current Jobs > Job Info > Title > Title At Company"


Can I create a query that searches the above OR  


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    Leilah Barnes
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    Hi! I'm Leilah - a member of the Crunchbase Support Team,

    Thanks for your question. Allow me to clarify each query below:

    1. "Primary Job" is applicable to users that hold 2 or more job titles (ie Founder & CEO or President & Director). This field will pull their primary title as opposed to each of their job titles
    2. "Current Jobs > Job Info > Title > Job" is useful when you're searching a common job title and name (ie "John Doe, CEO @ company). This field requires both a name and job title.
    "Current Jobs > Job Info > Title > Title At Company" pulls results for a specific job title (ie Engineer). This field can be as specific as you'd like as there are no preset entries.

    Lastly, you can create boolean (And/Or) searches by using the Description Keywords filter in the Companies search. 

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