lenningen instead of lenningen

ridiculous that a database such as crunchbase has a wrong spelling for our headquarters town.  it's not "Lehningen", but "Lenningen" (postal code 73252, Germany).  and even worse: no easy contact email to advise on an obvious error.  hope someone takes action.



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    Hi Stefan Radlmayr! We went ahead and notified our data management team to review the companies associated with this location. Additionally, a request has been submitted to update the location information.

    That said, I do not have an eta to provide on when the updates will be made. Should an update be made, the companies will automatically be updated accordingly. 

    Additionally, our support emails are listed in this community post here, should you need to contact our Support team for other matters. 

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    Stefan Radlmayr

    your headline has nothing to do with my post: should be "Lehningen instead of Lenningen". 


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