How are IPO dates calculated?

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Hi there - I recently purchased the crunchbase pro account and was looking up some AU data and created a filter showing the IPO data for some companies here and saw that for Woodside and Regal Funds Managmeent that they have their IPOs as June 10 2022 and May 30 2022... my question is on how are the IPO dates calculated?

Regal Funds in Crunchbase is showing up as having the ticker RPL and when I look at RPLs chart on another site we can see that data goes back to pre-2020 



Can somebody from Crunchbase please explain how the data is verified or if there's a different definition of IPOs because I need this information to do some analysis/


Thank you very much in advance!  


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    Sophie Chitsaz
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    Our data comes from multiple channels, as we are a crowdsourced database. We attain our data through contributions from our active Crunchbase users, an internal data management team, and partnerships with multiple data vendors. IPO data specifically comes from TradingView, which you can learn more about here.

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