Looking for feedback on our new app

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Jim Li

Hi y’all! We’re Nomad, an iPhone app that helps people get mobile data anywhere in the world. We’re a new product made by a team of Canadians and Americans who felt that mobile data in our countries is too expensive, especially during the pandemic when people have less disposable income and are spending more time on Wi-Fi. 

Our initial users are using Nomad to get mobile data primarily in Canada and the U.S. for just $4 / GB (although we offer plans globally). We’ve found that people are able to save hundreds of $$$ annually by downgrading their existing plans and using Nomad for mobile data when they need it. 

We’re looking to get feedback on our product and our app, and would love for you to check us out. 

This month only, you can download our app and use the code TRYNOMAD21 to try 500mb of Canada or U.S. data for just $1. Check us out here: https://www.getnomad.app/homepage-domestic?utm_source=startup_communities!



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