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BMTech is a semiconductor company dedicated to R&D, production, and sales of high-end analog, RF, and mixed-signal chips and system products. The company's analog integrated circuit chip products are mainly used in consumer electronics, instrumentation, industrial automation, and many other fields. BMTech has a wealth of independent intellectual property rights, and continuous innovation, in order to master and accumulate key simulation chip design and development technology for the company's core competitiveness. With outstanding independent R&D strength and core technology, its multi-chip products have been at the global front-end level, the company launched a folding mobile phone open-and-close power management chip, which breaks multiple technical barriers and catches the global mobile phone manufacturers’ attention.
As one of the few chip design enterprises in China focused on high-end analog integrated circuit chip research and development and production, BMTech has formed a number of outstanding advantages in technology, R&D, products, talent, and supply chain.


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    arun ronath

    Hi there looking for funding rasing for my start up company in India so looking forward to contact u

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    Huỳnh thị bích thu


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    shahin hossain

    Hei i from Bangladesh


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