How do I add to or update the People section of my company's profile?

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You can edit the employee range of your company in the Overview section in the Edit screen. The employee range will then display in the About section of the profile. 

This number can differ from the number of employees found in the People tab. This is the number of employees with Crunchbase profiles. Below are guides to help you edit that section. 

Guides for Editing:

To add employees to this section: Adding Employees, Board Members, and Advisors

To update listed employees who no longer are with the company: Updating former Employees, Board Members, and Advisors


Note, in order to preserve our data quality and the objective nature of our platform’s data, certain profile fields are unable to be removed by anyone other than Crunchbase staff. For more information on what fields users can update, click here!

If you have additional questions, please post them here!




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