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Danila Trubacevs

Hello! I would like to add details about my company, but when I enter company name in crunchable Search engine it doesn't show my company. How can I make an account and start financial round in that case?



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    Joseph Castonguay

    I have the same question and cannot find any answers.

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    garagedoor high land

    If you can't find your company on Crunchbase, there are a few possible reasons and steps you can take:

    1. Recent establishment: If your company is relatively new, it might not have been added to Crunchbase yet. The platform relies on public sources and user contributions, so it's possible that your company's information hasn't been included yet. In this case, you can consider adding your company to Crunchbase by creating a profile of validwords and providing accurate and up-to-date information.

    2. Private company: Crunchbase primarily focuses on providing information about privately held and publicly traded companies. However, it's worth noting that Crunchbase's coverage may be more extensive for well-known or high-profile private companies. If your company is a smaller or less well-known private entity, it may have limited information or no entry on Crunchbase.

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    Smith Jhnson
    1. Double-check the search terms: Ensure that you are entering the correct and accurate name of your company in the search field. It's possible that a minor misspelling or variation in the name could be causing the company to not appear in the search results.

    2. Try different search platforms: If you are searching for your company on a specific platform or directory, consider trying different search engines or directories. There are various online platforms where you can list your company, so expanding your search to multiple platforms might yield different results.

    3. Check for listing errors: If you have previously listed your company on a directory or business listing platform, review the information you provided during the listing process. Make sure the company name, address,visit, contact details, and other information are accurate and up to date.

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    Joe Smith

    I want to register a company named Tarp Supply Inc.

    Here are the details:


    Address: 266 Eisenhower Lane Lombard, Illinois 60148

    Telephone number: 1-630-953-4700


    I would really appreciate help from the community. Thanks.


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