Inquiry of Crunchbase's Data Marketplace

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Nick Menzel
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Hello, I'm currently doing an undergrad report on Data Marketplaces, and Crunchbase's data marketplace piqued my interest. I just had a few questions about its characteristics, and was wondering if you could help me with answering them?

Two of which that I would really like to know include:

(1) what category does Crunchbase define itself in: B2B (platform for businesses to trade data with one another), Personal (users get compensated for sharing personal data), or IoT (platform sells IoT data).

(2) what platform infrastructure does Crunchbase marketplace follow: Centralized (typically a central cloud server) or Decentralized (utilizes DLT technology)?

(3) Which cloud delivery model does Crunchbase marketplace use (IaaS, PaaS, or SaaS)?

For the full list of questions, you can access it here through this google docs link (although greatly appreciated, don't feel pressured to answer all of them - simply the 3 mentioned above would be sufficient):



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