Plagued by "Please verify you are a human"

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Brandon Lee

About two weeks ago I started getting non-stop requests from CB to prove my humanity. As soon as I complete it once, my webpage refreshes non-stop until it appears again. This problem definitely did not used to occur and I have made no changes in use that would trigger a verification like this. I've also tried the recommended solution of disabling all browser extensions to no avail.

The problem specifically occurs most frequently using chrome on Mac. Using chrome on a PC, this issue seems to go away. The problem also seems less frequent using Safari on Mac, but still occurs. (edit: it appears that the issue is now occurring just as frequently on Safari)

This issue is really unacceptable as it basically stops me from using CB, and thus having a productive day at work, entirely. 


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    Rodrigo Garcia

    Same thing is happening to me and it's extremely disruptive and annoying. 


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