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What data can I access with the Crunchbase basic API?

View available data fields (here)

Anyone who signed up for the waitlist will be able to generate a Crunchbase API key in their account settings.

To get started, go to ‘Account settings’ > ‘Integration settings’ > ‘Crunchbase basic API.'

Please note that only 1 API key can be generated and you may not generate a new one.

For more information on how to access, click here

What is the difference between the Crunchbase Basic API vs API 4.0?

The Crunchbase basic API is available to all Crunchbase users and can be accessed directly on

This offering provides basic data points such as organization description, address, etc.

The full API (currently v4.0) is available with Crunchbase Enterprise Data Enrichment and provides our exclusive Crunchbase data, such as financial, buy signals, etc.

Currently, the full API cannot be accessed on directly. Please contact if you’re interested in the full API.

Does this affect any of my integrations I have now?

Generating a new Crunchbase Basic API will not affect any of your existing integrations like Salesforce, Outreach, Email or any of your paid Enterprise API keys. 

What are the rate limits? 

The rate limit for ODM API plans are set at 25 API calls / minute.

Delay after user key generation

A 15 minute to 1 hour delay from when you generate the key to when you are able to start using it in API calls may occur. 

How do I disconnect access?

  1. The Crunchbase Basic API key is a read only API. This means you do not need to disconnect any access if you wish to discontinue usage. 
  2. The Crunchbase team, however, reserves the right to Suspend access to a user’s API key if we find misuse of our data.

I am having trouble making a call, where can I get support?

Please refer to Crunchbase Basic API for additional instructions. 

If you are still having trouble accessing the API using your generated key, then please reach out to

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