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As of the week of May 16, 2022, Crunchbase will require teams to connect to Salesforce at an account level before individuals can push accounts, leads, and contacts to Salesforce.  In doing this, team members will also get access to Salesforce account owner and last activity date data in Crunchbase. 

With this change, ‘shared CRM’ will now be referred to as ‘Salesforce sync’. Teams that already have Salesforce sync connected will not be affected by this change. Teams that are individually connected to Salesforce will be automatically migrated to Salesforce sync per the team admin’s account during this week. Only team admins will have the ability to enable or disconnect their team’s Salesforce sync.

With Salesforce sync your team can reduce the risk of hitting your Salesforce data limits. With one connection for Salesforce, it reduces the number of API calls for your team.

To learn more about Salesforce sync settings, check out these articles.

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