How to Remove Seats from Your Team

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In the event that you erroneously add a seat to the wrong team member, or you simply no longer want a team member to be assigned a seat, you can remove their seat at any time. 

*Please note that this is different from removing a team member from the team. Removing a seat will just remove the team member’s subscription access to free it up for someone else, it will not remove the team member from the team. 

To get started, head to your Team page by selecting Account from any page on Crunchbase, then clicking Account Settings from the dropdown list. Once in the Account Settings screen, select Team Members from the left hand side. 

Locate the individual on the team whose seat you’d like to remove, and click the Manage button on the right hand side. Under Products Management, hover over the subscription name, then click Remove.

As shown in the clip above, you should see the number of seats under your Products section at the top of the Teams page increase, as you have removed an assigned seat from a team member and made it available to assign out again to someone else. For billing questions related to the seat removal, please reach out to

***Users whose seat is removed by their admin will not be notified in product or by email. 


Need help or guidance? Reach out to us at or post your question in the Crunchbase Community.  If you are an Enterprise user, please reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Manager. 

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