What are the email features included?

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Connect with prospects using pre-built email templates and snippets that integrate intelligent insights to help keep your outreach relevant. 

Suggested Topics are suggested email content that is derived from Crunchbase data. They are generated in real-time based on the latest data available for a given contact and their company.

To add a template or snippet, click the box you want to be added to your email and the text will populate in your email draft. Use the search icon next to the + icon to search for existing suggestions.  Engage_-_Suggestion_Topics.png

My Content is user-generated content that a user has added to Crunchbase. Add your best-performing email content and leverage Crunchbase’s intelligence to make it easier for you to close deals. User-generated templates can contain variables and formatting such as bolding, hyperlinks, etc.

To create a new email template or snippet click the + icon at the upper right corner.My_Content1.png

Dynamic variables are smart facts about the company or contact you’re reaching out to, like job title or last funding round. You can add it by clicking on the {} icon in the bottom of your email draft.

To add a variable, click the item you want and the text will populate in your email draft.


All Crunchbase Pro users have access to this new feature. Additionally, these specific features can be located after you've unlocked a contact via Profile or Advanced Search. For information on where to find contact data, click here!

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