Can I trial contact data?

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All Crunchbase Pro users have access to unlock and view 10 contacts per month for free. Note, these contacts do not accrue and expire at the end of each month. 

After those contacts have been viewed, Crunchbase Pro users have the ability to purchase a contacts package, which allows you to unlock either 100, 250, or 500 contacts per month.

To learn how to purchase more contacts, click here!

Not a customer? Start your free Crunchbase Pro trial or talk to our sales team to get as many contacts as you need. Users who start a Crunchbase Pro trial will have access to 10 contacts, if you upgrade to a Crunchbase Pro subscription you will receive 10 contacts for the month (this will not stack on top of 10 given during the trial). Note, if you do not upgrade to a Crunchbase Pro subscription after the trial, you will lose access to any unlocked contacts. 


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